The Theater Of The Assimilated Negro

Wanted a separate space to keep the audio together. I'm going to post the whole TAN CD here so people can check it out whenever.

To receive your copy of the Theater of the Assimilated Negro, please use the PayPal Donation link (on the sidebar, down and to your left). A $5 contribution gets you the CD, along with any mp3 you might like from the TAN Audio Room, but feel free to give as much as you like. All proceeds go to support refreshingly creative hip hop entertainment.

As seen in The Village Voice - Best Of NYC
The T.A.N. Demo - Theater of the Assimilated Negro

"... an oasis of creativity in a relatively arid hip hop landscape ..."

Part 1: The Museum of the Assimilated Negro

track listing

1. Museum Intro (1:53)

2. 3 Minutes (4:00)

3. more sex (int.) (1:00)

4. Phone Sex (3:31)

5. educated rap (int.) (1:05)

6. LifeCycle (3:58)

7. best of both worlds (int.) (1:42)

8. Steel Reserve (3:27)

9. learn to philosophize (int.) (1:23)

10. The Eternal Now (2:45)

11. showing your negro ass (int.) (:41)

12. Girls I Like (2:03)

13. Museum Outro (:42)

int. = interlude

cover art by Lukas Lundberg

Part 2: The Torment of the Assimilated Negro
to be posted soon ...



Best Of Both Worlds

The Assimilated Negro represents the best of both worlds.

Assimilated Refinery + Exotic Ethnicity = Ideal Man